Sunday, September 17, 2017

a few snaps from september

September isn't over yet, but so far its been a great one. We've traveled for work, for fun, and we've had visitors. Good times.

I spent a bit of time in New Mexico for work - it was gorgeous. We stayed in a super cool building along the the Rio Grande. I've spent very little time in this part of the world, so it was a treat to check it out.

Went out on another photo/video shoot to do some storytelling about the work we do at our college. This time it was with a team monitoring green crabs, and invasive species, out on the Olympic Peninsula.

The we had a couple of super fun visitors from back east - Abby and Jeremy. The Pacific Northwest put on a good show! We clearly enjoyed having them in town and showing them around.

 We made it to San Diego to celebrate my grandfather's 99th birthday - very special indeed.

And, we caught probably the last yoga class for the season outdoors. It's been a great summer, for sure.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

the eastern flanks of mount rainier

I think what's mind-blowing about living in the PacNorWest is not only the incredible and diverse natural beauty that surrounds us, but how accessible it is. Mount Rainier looms in the distance over Seattle, seemingly in a world all its own - yet, in less than two hours you can be parking your car at a trailhead that leads straight into the belly of this giant. Unreal. 

A friend tipped me off to the Summerland and Panhandle Gap trail, telling me I would love it. So I checked it out - and I think this is one of my new favorites. Old growth forests, cascading waterfalls, meadows bursting with flowers, raw landscapes of rock and ice, and views of the mountain that are unrivaled.  All of it adds up to an epic hike - all in a half-day's commitment.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

a snapshot of summer

I've never been a fan of summer. Too hot. Too many people. Too much runnin around. But living the Pacific Northwest has changed all of that. The days are long, the temperatures are perfection, the wild places throughout the state remain devoid of people. Bliss, everywhere.

Adrienne and I have had a pretty good summer. So much has kept us busy over the last couple weeks that I'm just gonna combine them all into one post here.

Summer - keep on keepin on.

Adrienne got to get back east and visit  her family, chillin on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Meanwhile, ma came up for a visit and a tour around Puget Sound.

AJ and I biked all over town and beer hopped, a favorite past time of ours.

We worked in our garden and drank fancy cocktails.

Made it to a truly outstanding art exhibit.

And climbed Mount Constitution on Orcas Island and then paddled around in the saltwater!

Not pictured: the Luau we went to, golf I played, and yoga in the park! SUMMER!